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Evergreen Sizing™


At Evergreen, we design our clothing to last your child through multiple seasons, but how you ask? Magic! 

Okay, okay maybe not magic but it sure feels that way.  There are a number of details that may not seem like much at first but added together make a huge difference. 

Heavy weight, natural fiber fabrics pill less and hold up longer. One of the first things our customers comment on is the fabric and how soft yet durable it is. We then sew those materials up with stretchy thread that makes a softer seam and has juuuuuust enough give to keep active kids from popping seams. We then add length to our sleeves and cuffs for a customized fit. 

And after all that we sprinkle the fairy dust. No seriously, I designed the things and sometimes I'm still blown away how well it works. But if I still haven't convinced you, take a scroll through our real life wild ones below. 


Snap Romper
7 month old - 28 inches - 23 lbs

Pull On Romper
11 month old - 17.5lbs  - 32 inches

Long Sleeve Hoodie
2.5 years - 25lbs - 34inches




Snap Romper
2.5 years old normally wears 18-24months

Pull On Romper
20 months - 32 inches - 23lbs

Short Sleeve Tee
13 months - 21 inches - 23lbs 




Snap Romper
2 years old - 32lbs and 35 inches

Long Sleeve Tee
3.5 year old - 40lbs 


Pull On Romper
4 year old - 38lbs - 40 inches

 Still not sure? Check out what our customers are saying about their wildwear or ask them yourself in our Evergreen Wildwear VIP Facebook Group.